how it all started

Karin, the owner of aplace/antwerp, used to work in communication and is now running her holiday rentals.

As a kid she dreamed of running her own hotel. This dream came true in 2012 (in a small version). Her passion for interior design in combination with her innate talent for genuine hospitality and perfectionism, have resulted in a place that is truly worth staying at.

This passion for interior and creating atmosphere started at a young age.She could sink away for hours in the interior design books of Terence Conran and moving furniture around to make it all 'cozier' was her favorite pastime - often to the annoyance of her mother 🙂

Later she scored nice things at flea markets and even found things on the street. Everything can be used someday!

While her friends wondered what she would do with all that stuff, she knew that one day everything would have a purpose and a place. The result is the harmonious design and warm appearance of aplace/antwerp.

Experience a feeling of home in one of the cozy suites or apartments and feel like a local in the center of Antwerp.