nice to know in the centre of Antwerp

things to do

around the corner of aplace/antwerp. Shops in this street open their doors every Sunday afternoon. There are concept stores, furniture stores, vintage & antique stores… an interesting and charming street to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon…
most of antwerp shops are open.
Jezus en Maria beeldjes op de vrijdagsmarkt in Antwerpen

every friday morning, a furniture and used items auction takes place on the square. All the goods have been confiscated by debt collectors, so you’ll have to live with the knowledge that you’re using those unfortunate souls’ stuff. Many of the items are really junk, but if you’re lucky and act fast, you can find and bid for some real treasure troves.


every Saturday from the early morning till 4pm. “Amazing variety of food, nuts, vegetables and fruit. Both from exotic and domestic origin. Smart and very committed sales people. Great atmosphere.”  – Theaterplein, 2000 Antwerp
Pedestrian tunnel

The Sint-Anna Tunnel or Pedestrian tunnel as Antwerpers call it is a tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists under the River Scheldt, connecting the left and right banks of the river. It was opened to the public in 1933. You can enter and exit the tunnel using the elevator or one of the four original wooden escalators. In the early days these escalators were a real novelty. Antwerp’s master architect Emiel Van Averbeke designed the two entrance buildings.
Many original elements were preserved, including the wooden escalators, the old warning signs and the two entrance halls. Prior to the construction of the tunnel two ferries connected the Scheldt’s banks. Everybody agreed as early as 1874 that a permanent link was necessary. Plans for a bridge were rejected because this would impede navigation on the river. In 1931, finally, the decision was made to build a tunnel.In 1944 the German army blew up the entrance building on the left bank. The restoration took several years. In the meantime passengers were forced to resort to the ferries again

breakfast places around the corner

a bakery with a communal table, open every day from 7am – a wonderful place to have breakfast just by yourself or with friends or relatives.

1′ walking distance from aplace/antwerp

Pain quotidien

a morning filling program when having breakfast/brunch at Claude’s place – you’ll get treated like a prince(ss) – definitely book a table in advance to be certain of seating availability.

10′ walking distance

Salon de thé claude